Start-up TIRANA LAST MILE (English)


Dear all,

Autoyou Company has started implementing its START-UP TIRANA LAST MILE

 tower charger  EV

A project whose main purpose is the replacement gas fuel cars with electric cars.

This project has the ability to bring new capabilities to the way the movement of people and goods is conducted.

The first electric cars for our taxi driver partners will arrive on March.

We have started meetings with our main partners.

The transportation system with electric cars, and the coordination through our application, makes possible:

Transportation with highly favorable prices (approx. 1 euro per 3 km).

Startup TLMSubjects that conduct trade activity inside your complex will be able to use the system of bills/ fixed destinations / online references.

For more information regarding these topics, please feel free to check the links below:

I’m Telling You, Referrals Are Your New Customer Source

Fixed Rate Zones and Custom Rate Names – Release 0.12.6 

Service types and vehicle classes

We think that: the organization of people’s movement with highly favorable prices is the common interest of all the involved components.

We would be grateful if Charger Tower Startup TLM  we could set an appointment with you in order to discuss technical steps that come out during the process of implementation of the service.



Your comments are welcomed.EV Charging Startup TLM

With respect,

Florian Voko




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