Acknowledgement! (English)

The Saytaxi Test phase, has come to an end!

Dear partners,

Initially, I would like to thank you from the bottom of MY HEART, and wish you a Wonderful Year, and I will go on with an acknowledgement, even though our staff will never be able to find the right words to thank you enough!

In order to thank all the youth and the people in general that got involved and put faith in our project, in order to thank all the local partners, and all those who believe in the vision of a more emancipated society.

I would like to notify that:

The 10 month training period has just finished.

We thought that this period of time was enough for each taxi driver who aspires to be part of this beneficial for the whole community project.

This step has opened the path to the marketing campaign, and practically signals the initiation of the real service.

Thus the preparatory phase of the technicians and the programmers of the staff has come to an end.logo e re portokallipng.

End of the training phase

Starting from January 30,rating

the client will be able to his own level of service.
Practically it will be available to function.

Thus I recommend all our colleagues, 40 taxi drivers, to be an active component to the demand of our new clients.

ALL OF THOSE WHO HAVE QUESTIONS do not hesitate to contact me at ANY TIME…

SKYPE florian.voko

Meanwhile, I would like to inform our new partners.

For any uncertainty, or information, do not hesitate to contact us. You would feel served even though behind the application there is a human capacity.

We are like the application, available to serve non-stop.IMG-20160121-WA00366

  • NEW CAR …
    EV Worldit has been discussed during the training session, as well as in private contacts that I have had with taxi drivers, members of our initial system.
  • vetikalAdrian Taka
  • Eduart Ferhati
  • Gentian Lapi
  • Mondi Goli

with many others as well,

  • With have a specific program for the equipment of our taxi drivers with new ecological vehicles.
  • An annotated plan for the transport of students, administrations, and corporations, thanks to our staff that is actually operating.


  • Arrangement with universities
  • Arrangement with Trade Centers
  • Arrangement with Durresi Port
  • Out of charge location “Nene Tereza” Airport.

The prerequisite of being part of this service is becoming skillful with smartphones and tablets.

I would like to inform you that the whole interaction with the clients will be conducted through the application.

The central operation system as we use to know (has ceased existing) is a technology of the past.

Centrali siç e njohim ne ka pushuar se ekziztuari.
The central operation system, is a service  that is not able anymore to respond to the needs of the citizens for taxi service.


In the universe of smartphones, the world has changed completely, thus I invite our partners to benefit from the facilitation that technology offers.

Likewise, the service that is offered from the taxi drivers operating without the application, does not appeal in the same manner and the benefits are not allocated equally.
While today, these problems become part of the past!

This is the standard of our service.
Offering such STANDARDS is our group’s goal!

The higher the engagement in our service, the higher the benefits; for everyone!rrathet

Falenderim (Shqip)


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