Sweden Takes Aim At 2045 Carbon Neutrality

Sweden Could Be Carbon Neutral By 2045

A parliamentary committee in Sweden has created a proposal outlining how the nation could be carbon neutral by 2045. Mainly, it would achieve this huge goal by eliminating domestic emissions by 85% from 1990 levels. The last 15% could be offset by making investments in international projects which cut carbon emissions.

If this plan sounds overly ambitious, Sweden has already set similar environmental goals. One example is the country’s aim to have no net greenhouse gas emissions by the 2050. Another is to have a vehicle fleet which doesn’t use fossil fuels by 2030.

Sweden has a population of about 9.6 million, so making nationwide changes are easier than for the largest countries in the world, like India and China, but it still is setting an example for the world.

A number of countries, such as Costa Rica, Bhutan, Norway, and the Maldives have pledged to become carbon neutral.

“We actually have all the technology we need to be 100 per cent free of fossil fuels,” saidDeputy prime minister Asa Romson from the Green Party.

“What we do not have is a market for it. We do not have an economy that can do it, so far.”

Over $500 million has already been set aside for projects related to climate change in Sweden this year, including for clean technology.

Already recognized for its sustainability, Sweden appears to be poised to achieve the ambitious goal of becoming carbon neutral.

Another thing in Sweden’s favor in reach of its environmental goals related to climate change is its track record as a leader in innovation. One might say the innovation mindset is strong in Sweden, so making technological adaptations might be easier for such countries.

In the case of climate change, transitioning from fossil fuels to clean and renewable sources is a one of the largest changes nations need to make.



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